Friday, February 25, 2011

Let the Tweets Begin! Live Sunday Feb. 27th!!!!

Big events this weekend, starting with the "Independent Spirit Awards," on Saturday.

Then it's the "Academy Awards" on Sunday. Yes one day I hope to be at both of them for a film I make, but until then, we'll have our blogs and tweets to share.

And this Sunday a special event for Triple Sticks Productions... I'll tweet live during the West Coast edition of the Academy Awards! Make sure you follow me on Twitter by clicking right here! And follow along during the broadcast! Can't wait to see you Sunday!!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Making a dent in a lot of things!

OK, so just saw another Academy Award nominated film, that's two this week, three if you take it back to last weekend when I finally saw, "The Social Network." And yes, I did like it and can see why it's getting a big Oscar Buzz. I love Aaron Sorkin's writing, it takes me back to just how good, "West Wing" use to be. Top picture of the year? Depends on who really comes out to vote, if they're under 40 perhaps, over I think it will go to "The King's Speech."

Now I started the week with, "Winter's Bone." Really good film, but an even better performance by John Hawkes who, in my estimation, should win the Academy Award for "Best Supporting Performance by a male."
I first discovered him awhile back on "Deadwood," and have loved watching him work ever since. He's also pretty good in, "Eastbound & Down," on HBO.
But in "Winter's Bone," His portrayal as "Teardrop" in this film is outstanding! A little scary, but he has that kind of William H. Macy kind of a thing going, in that when he's on the screen or slated to be in a film, you want to see him work. He'll do little things to inhabit his characters and they work so well.

The other AA film I saw this week... today actually, "The King's Speech."Very good film... a safe Hollywood voters kind of a film.(See above) I liked Colin Firth, who I believe will come away with the Oscar in this one, but probably more
so for his performance last year in "A Single Man," more so than this years role. He's good in this, but better in "A Single Man." I just think the nature of that film was a little tough for folks to deal with.

Now the reason why I'm able to write so much right now is because I am also getting tons of work done on the "3 Days..." DVD which as we speak is rendering another file, which takes a long time so in between I'm catching you all up on what's going on.

So that's what I'm up to... 4 AA films down, more to go... going to try to see as many before the big night! One day... oh one day.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Found a New Spot!

Check out my new mobile office! Pretty cool huh? Well we'll see how it goes, this is a new place and just doing some work here for the first time, we'll see how the vibe is. So far so good, although I guess the ultimate test is to see how much work I'm actually able to knock out... that's when I'll know if this place will go into the natural writing rotation.

Also starting my push to see as many Academy Award nominated films before the big night. It's going to be tough considering I've only seen one so far, "Inception," but we'll see what I can do about it. On the plate tonight, "The Kids Are Alright."

Anyway, I have a ton of stuff to do, from DVD things to some tax prep, to working on some future projects, so let's see how day one in the new spot feels.

Peace... for now!