Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Switch is On!

So we've made the switch over on Facebook from a group page to the TSP Fan Page. Hopefully the change will be a good one. We'll shut down the group page September 1st, so make sure you mark that down on your calendars!

A buddy of mine who you've seen in a couple of films, Bevan Bell is starting up his own website. ( It's in the beginning stages, but when you get a chance bookmark it and check it out some time. He has a cool take on a lot of things and is a great shooter, so you no doubt his website will be an interesting one.

And speaking of Bevan and films he's been in... Have you "Blown Up Netflix" this month yet? There's still time! Log onto our website at: for more details on how you can help send a message... a nice one... to Netflix!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Become a Fan on Facebook!!!

We have a new "Fan Page" on Facebook! Come on over, join it and keep up to date on all things "Triple Sticks Productions!"

Just click on the picture and become a fan and remember August is "Blowing Up Netflix" month... have you done your part yet???