Saturday, April 28, 2012

Funk You! Shaking Out of It...

In between events at my daughter's swim meet, I thought I'd hop over to a nearby new mobile office to see if I could knock out a post and get a little work done.  Then I realized, I haven't been doing much so the key word in my last phrase was, "little." It's been hard finding the time to really be creative and push myself.

I normally believe in writing and creating when it feels right, otherwise what you create is just stuff that in the end you have to sift through and try to determine what's good and what's not. I'm starting to feel like maybe I need to reevaluate that position and maybe force myself to HAVE to sit down and hammer out something just to kick start me a little.

I mean the big thing that's still looming out the is the completion of the digital master of "3 days... 3 hours... 3 minutes... 3 seconds..."  I have a rough cut and lay out of the DVD and extras and it's all really cool, but I'm still living out of boxes in my apartment and haven't even set up my editing computer.

Maybe right now I'm NOT supposed to be creating and there is a master plan for it.  But I hope when that next major creative push kicks in I'll be ready... and secretly or maybe not so secretly... I hope it happens soon!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Oh Baby I've Missed You!

I've snuck out to my mobile office and going to try to knock out some work that I want to get done. Work for Triple Sticks Productions... Work on the future... work that just in general feeds a little of the soul.
Not sure what else to write now, because I feel like I'm behind on a lot of things, but maybe I can use this time to start getting ahead. I mean I guess I could write in my apartment more, but there is something about getting out... being at a mobile office that I really dig. The vibe of the people around... I mean even though I have my headset on and I'm in my own zone, I still like having the energy of people around... I think it is what pushes me to one day have a place where creative people can be around each other... write... work and just talk. Alas... one day.
But I'm wondering... where do YOU like to write... work... get your muse on? Let me know I'd love to hear how others create. I think it's one of the reasons I love the DVD extras that have "How they made the film" on them.
OK... well look forward to seeing what you all have to say, in the mean time... knocking out some work... Ciao Baby!