Thursday, June 25, 2009

Motivation To Keep Writing

I stopped doing full blown reviews a little while ago, but I did promise that when I saw something worth talking about I would post something about it and the other day I did see something... something I think anyone who is making films and has any dreams of doing it professionally should see. It's a documentary called, "Dreams on Spec."

The film centers around a group of struggling screenwriters and their progress at becoming working writers in L.A. What Makes it such a compelling film is not only their stories, but the interviews from established writers peppered throughout the film. As someone who writes and makes films, I totally understood some of their feelings and emotions. It's tough, but in the end for those of us who truly breath it and need it like someone needs oxygen, making films is feeds your soul.

The DVD extras are pretty good especially the section with additional interview footage from the established writers. Even if you don't make films, but want to get an idea of what it takes to write in the big leagues, this is a film worth seeing.

Now with all of that... it's time for me to stop blogging and time to start doing some writing... wish me luck!

Monday, June 22, 2009

It's Going To Be A Good Week!

I've decided that no matter what, I'm going to try and make this a positive week. That means lots of hard work, that I hope will end up making this a good week.

Right now, I'm doing a little work at a new mobile office. I don't get out to this part of town... Rockville actually, but this office is a nice one. Lot's of outlets and room. The only downside, really small tables to write and drink your coffee on. But this is going to be a good week, so that's not going to slow me down at all!

Last week sent out some more query letters for the new script and as of right now, nothing back from anyone. So, sticking with the theme, I'm going to say that no news is good news! I'll probably spend some time over the next day or so hammering out some more and just trying to get someone to take a chance, or at least get their readers to take a chance to flip through my screenplay. I like it and it has a real edgy vibe and when it gets into the right hands could be a very hot project. Now of course I'd love to find someone who wants to help me make the film so I can direct, but I do realize that this is "Show Business," so I if someone just wants to buy purchase the rights, we can talk.

I am starting to feel that itch... that itch when I know it's time to do something... make a film. Hopefully this will be... no it WILL be a good year so I can get something in production before 2010... at least that's the plan!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Filmmakers Share A Moment At SilverDocs

Filmmakers M. David Lee III on the left and Murray Fredericks on the right. Fredericks has a brilliant film at SilverDocs this year called, "SALT" You can also check out his photography at

It's always hard for docs to get screen time especially shorts, but SilverDocs does a great job with their festival. In addition to "Salt," which I can't tell you enough how good it is there were a couple others on the shorts fest that stood out as well: "POCKETS," by James Lee, no relations and "POSTE RESTANTE " by Marcel Lozinski.

Supporting Indie Film

Hanging at SilverDocs, checking out the shorts program and showing my support to my fellow Indie filmmakers.

Plus it's a great excuse to see anything at the main theater of AFI.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Shaking Off Some Funk & Working Hard!

As you can tell, out at the mobile office again and that's probably a good thing. Nice to write and work from other locations from time to time. Let's get you up to date on some stuff.

My copy of the "Hollywood Creative Directory" arrived and I've already started to put it to good use. I have a screenplay that is ready to go and I'm trying to take it through the "traditional" Hollywood channels, so the new book is helpful to at least get my initial query letters to the right people. I'm trying both the agent route and production companies. I have to get one or two people to actually read the sucker and then I think I have a good shot! I've had a couple of people I respect read the script, some in the biz some out and they all say the second they start to read it, that it's a "page turner," they didn't want to put it down until it was over! So that's good news!

Sticking with the script I also entered it into my first screenplay contest, so we'll see how it does there as well. But at the same time, I'm not just throwing my eggs in one basket. I continue to work on a couple of other screenplays and this month I'm going to begin the 10th Anniversary DVD of our smash film, "3 Days... 3 Hours... 3 Minutes... 3 Seconds..." Look for that, just in time for Christmas!

So there is a lot going on. I'm pushing forward on a lot of different things and I stand by my belief that if you throw enough darts at the wall, one of them is bound to stick!