Monday, November 30, 2009

Let the Tweets Begin!

It's official, director M. David Lee III is a part of the Twitter Nation! It's the best way to keep track of what's going on with Triple Sticks Productions and with the big things we're expecting for 2010 and you're going to want to keep track of everything!

"Twitter is a great way to let folks know what is going on as we move forward into what we all hope will be a huge 2010. I think it's also going to be a fun way just to let folks know I'm doing, my take on the business and most importantly, what projects I'm working on for Triple Sticks Productions. I think it's going to be a blast!"

M. David Lee III

To follow David all you have to do is log onto and you can find him at:

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And if you want something sooner, just add our hit film, "Dog Me: Potluck" to your Netflix queue!

Seeing our film is now as easy as sending an email! All you have to do is put it on your Netflix queue and then in a matter of a couple of days it will be delivered into your mailbox, it's just that simple!

Make a great meal, have a nice beverage and settle in for a great movie night!

Monday, November 23, 2009

On The Road

Do you recognize this place? It was the police headquarters for one of the greatest television shows of the 90s and maybe ever... "Homicide: Life of the Street"

Today I'm up in Fells Point doing a little writing before picking up my Mom at the airport for a Thanksgiving visit and I was looking for a place to grab a cup of coffee and write and found this funky, cool coffee shop just across the street from the station, so you know I had to go in and spend some time.

If you can't tell, I loved that show, especially the first couple of seasons. The writing was amazing... the performances outstanding and jut the overall vibe of the how was state of the art back then. No one did a show like that and while it struggled to find an audience for awhile, the critics loved it and those in the know did as well.

"Homicide: Life on the Street," is one of the reasons I love the city of Baltimore and I'm hoping some of that energy will rub off on me today as I sit down and hack away. You know at one point I even wrote an episode of the show, sent it in but it was at the end of the run so I never had a shot of it getting picked up. Somewhere I have a very nice letter from someone on the writing staff saying, "thanks."

One thing is for sure as I get ready to close this up and get to work... I love these kinds of funky little coffee houses. The people, the energy... I love being around it all... it definitely perks you up!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Great and Bad Memories

So I geeked it up! Yep, I went to the "Star Wars: In Concert," and channeled my inner "Star Wars" geek and loved it! If you haven't seen the show yet and it comes anywhere near you, check it out!
Before the show I walked around and got tons of photos and I felt like a little kid again! I remembered that excitement I had when I saw the original "Star Wars," back when it was just "Star Wars" and not "Star Wars... episode IV a New Hope."

Inside the arena the stage was huge with lots of screens and as the concert started, I was quickly transformed back to 1977 when it all began. If you've followed this blog at all you know that this is the film that made me want to be a director.

As I sat in my seat, watching, listening to the score I was reminded how great John Williams is as a composer. All six of the "Star Wars," films were represented visually and musically. And to make everything special, Anthony Daniels aka "C-3PO" was live and did the narration throughout the show.

It was a great night to hear and see everything but at the same time, brought back terrible memories of the first three "Star Wars" films. I will say it over and over and over again... the first three films... the new ones... are horrible! You can tell, even during the concert, not by the score, which still was good, but by the visuals. George Lucas got away from telling a great story and integrating special effects carefully. "Star Wars," 1977 was for me the perfect blend of special effects, story and music. It still feels great when I watch it today. When I watch or see anything from the new three "Star Wars" films all I can see are poorly developed characters and entirely too much CGI!

Just look at some of the shots in space or in some of the ground battles and Lucas learned some new tricks and got some new toys and over did it. Too many layers of graphics, too many characters on the screen.

It was like he felt, "Oh there is some empty space on the screen in the upper left corner so let's put another 500 droids there fighting and that should fill up space."

He didn't need all of that! It just breaks my heart every time I see anything from the first three films.

Anyway, the concert was fun and I loved being there and hearing and seeing everything again. Kudos to John Williams and to George Lucas for creating a huge building block of my life.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Searching for a little inspiration...

Decided to come out to my courtyard in my apartment complex to shake things up and do a little writing outside. For the what... 10th of November it's pretty warm out. I just have on a sweatshirt and hat and that's it. I mean I do have on sweat pants, I'm not entirely crazy. lol

So just watched, "Down by Law" by Jim Jarmusch. Good film, I really like his work and from time to time like to pull it up and watch. It's funny I started to listen to some of the DVD commentary and on it he talks about the fact that most of his films... at least at that time, were really funded from foreign sources and that "Down by Law," was on of the first American funded film. Now what makes this all interesting is that for years I've said his films have a distinct foreign feel to them, especially the early ones. Really long shots... periods of time when nothing seems to happen on screen, but allows the film to breathe. It's interesting to know that maybe some of that overseas money and what he watched growing into a filmmaker translated into an American Indie style that is very much more international.

I have always wondered if I looked at all of my films, you know... back to back to back. Throw in a couple of the shorts as well and I wonder if there would be a true, "Style?" I don't know. I want some more films under my belt before I start figuring those things out.

Anyway, need to knock out some work on the "3 Days..." dvd right now. Things are coming along nicely, I hope we're able to complete it fairly soon. We're not going to make a Christmas release, but when it is ready... I know you'll like it!

Monday, November 2, 2009

A Little Mobile Love!

Out doing some work on a funky kind of a Monday. Today I'm at one of my favorite mobile office's, but not in one of my favorite seats in the office because others have had the nerve to sit there and get this... do some work! lol Nonetheless I'll bang out some work from this foreign position that has my left arm a little too close to the wall for my liking, but if that's all I have to worry about in this world I am so lucky!

So with my morning liquid courage... Grande Extra Hot Mocha that is and the Pandora Radio station jamming away with Teena Marie inspired artist for awhile befor switching to Sting, I'm knocking out this blog entry before settling in to some work on a couple of different projects.

Still lots to do for the special "3 Days..." DVD. Have a couple of scripts I really need to spend some time looking at and figuring out what I might want to do with them. I also have to resume my search for a writing agent, so that will get some priority this week. Then add in some editing back at home a little bit later and I've already got a full day of work lined up. Oh and I'm going to swing by the Doc's and pick up my flu shot... not sure if it's just a regular one or the Swine Flu shot, but I figured anything is better than having nothing!

So time to close out this post and get to work and if you ever see me in one of my mobile offices all over the world, stop by and say, "Hello!" I'll take a shot of you with me and put you in our blog!!!