Monday, November 26, 2012

Putting Some Time In...

It's been far too long since a posting, but I have been to the movie theater... the actual, pay money, sit in a dark room with others, eat popcorn with fake butter movie theater and I'm always so glad I did.  It reminds me of what I need to do more of and reminds me why I always wanted to be a filmmaker.

The first film I saw was, Spielberg's "Lincoln." Daniel Day Lewis is outstanding in it. Academy voters will love it. It's a good film... a really, really good film, but not great or earth shattering.
The second film, "Skyfall." Hey it's a James Bond film, don't expect it to be anything more. It's a good Bond film that will hold up and make those who love the franchise happy and no doubt bring in some newbies.
As for me the bottom line is with the end of the year nearing, I may get a chance to do some minor stuff with TSP here and there, but I really have to start working on a plan of attack for next year.  I can't have another down year happen, so I'm going to try to finish off strong and gear up for what I hope will be an outstanding 2013!

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