Saturday, July 14, 2012

Who Needs GTL, I'm Doing a Little G-MO-W!

Setting up for some work at one of my "Mobile Office's"... have Pandora on... JT is setting the tone with, "What Comes Around"  The sun has finally come out, gone are the overcast clouds that painted the sky early this morning a very unsexy, "30 Shades of Gray."
Have some emails and a snail mail letter to knock out of the way.  Going to see how much I can get done, in between working the day job remotely.
It's hard to push through with the film side of life, but I have to.  I've got some really good things planned for Triple Sticks Productions, I just have to buckle down and push past the hours at work, sleep and bad reality TV and slice out more time for TSP.

To you who follow this blog, the company and more... thanks for the understanding, I intend to pick it up!

Oh and if you follow my goofy blog, "Ketch-Fraze" there will be a posting there in a bit about Netflix.  I'm heading back to the traditional version because you CAN rent,"Do g Me: Potluck" there and I want to continue to support that film and encourage you to as well... it's still pretty damn good!
Anyway, off to start my stuff... keep and eye out and follow me on Twitter: @mdavidleeiii

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